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Adding Torrents Back To Seed


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Hello expert,


Here is my situation- I have created couple of(about 25) torrents to share with my followers from my laptop and uploaded in some torrent networks too. But recently, for old configuration of my laptop, system working too slowly and I assume I have re-install my windows. 


So, if I do so, how can I add my torrents as I've them now in a specific level back like they are now seeding properly after re-installing my windows and bit torrent? I've tried the File/Add torrent option but it downloads first. i just want to add them to seed. I hope you have the solution.


Thanks for your anticipation. 

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Did you put the downloaded files in your completed downloads folder before adding the torrent?




No I moved some other downloaded files and stored on a other drive. after that I created  torrents and now I want to change the directory location.

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