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The Windows Version Should Be Clearly Labeled As A Beta


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(I'm using Windows 7)


The Windows PC version of Bleep is severely lacking of both features and common messenger functionality, among many other annoyances.


1. Closing Bleep in Windows demands the user right-clicking Bleep in the taskbar and choosing 'Quit' in the context menu. X-ing out minimizes Bleep, and choosing 'Close' in the taskbar's context menu only minimizes as well. While this is a poor design choice, it is unfortunately found in other programs out there. However, those programs typically include an option that allows this to be changed; X-ing out results in actually ending the program's process after selecting the option. Bleep currently does not contain such an option in the Windows version.


2. In fact, Bleep for Windows lacks nearly every option you'd commonly find in any messenger. There's no options for sound or visual notifications, no font options, nothing. Just sections meant for sharing Bleep with other people.


3. The Windows version currently lacks some key features that I know the Android version has. I tested Bleep with a friend. I was on Windows, my friend was on Android. While my friend was able to send images and whisper, my updated Windows version of Bleep lacked either of those features.


4. As of this post, the Android version does not have the "I have an account" option upon initial install. So those who use Bleep on other platforms and would like to have the same account on an Android device are out of luck. I see the devs have temporarily removed this feature for Android and I presume they're working on it.


5. Bleep for Windows uses Microsoft's ClickOnce installer, which does not give the user a choice on where to install, instead choosing a place buried in AppData. I don't know why anyone of BitTorrent's caliber would force this inconvenience onto users.



Bleep is obviously in a beta stage, yet nowhere in the press or on BitTorrent's blog did I see "beta" ever mentioned in association with Bleep. This is misleading. It should be clearly stated that Bleep is in beta, and which features are missing on which platforms. This would preferably be shown on Bleep's download page.


This post is whiny, I know. I'm doing this only because I want Bleep to be great. I absolutely love the concept, truly! I want Bleep to succeed; I want to use Bleep with my friends. Let me know if I somehow missed things like any options that pertain to my complaints.

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Hi HocShhh,

I do agree with you and I would add the fact that under "Your contact Information" it's not possible to edit or remove email addresses from "your identities".


I would also see/expect here an submenu, protected with a PIN, with my private key, in order to save it or move it to another PC if needed.


It's seems also that the "Nickname" is not propagated once changed. I tried it between my PC and android phone... And the nickname shown on the phone didn't reflect the change I made on PC.


And the Whisper option is missing. EDIT: found the response regarding this part on the support forum. Pressing "Ctrl" before clicking on "Send" is doing a Whisper... Not really intuitive, but is working.

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