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Bittorrent Down


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Hi there,


I'm experiencing a problem with my bittorrent. He can't download any file any more, getting stuck to the "connection to peer" phase, and he won't recognize the files I share : when I start bit Torrent, the status of my files is green, but always ends up red, withouut further indication.


I supposed that has something to do with my internet security software (free version of avast) so I turned it off but nothing changes. 


This happened after a period of three or four weeks without swithcing on this computer.


Can someone help me ? I suppose it's not a big deal, but I can't find anywhere the solution.


And pardon my english, I'm french :)

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Turning off isn't the same as uninstalling when it comes to internet security software.

Hooks that most internet security software put in the operating system remain until the software is uninstalled.

Additionally, you have not provided any information about tracker status messages from the trackers tab, which is essential in these cases.

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Sorry... When I launch bittorrent, the status files, green, is either "source", either "waiting for sharing". When I go to the trackers tab, it says : "DHT : inactive (or would it be disabled ?) ; local search for client : inactive ; client exchange : inactive ; and then several udp:: connexion error". And after several minutes, the files status becomes red, anjd the trackers tab says : DHT : processing ; local search for client : processing ; client exchange : processing ; several udps : connection timed out".


And about interent security software, I didn't change anything.so it woulde be an automatic update that would have blocked bittorrent ?



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