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Bittorent Keeping Logs

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As a new user of torguard I was astounded to discover that [torguard] actually keeps logs of everything I had downloaded since I purchased the service....Now these logs which I came across by accident were located in C:\users\apps\data...[bittorrent]....Now what I want to know is why does bittorent do this when I have paid for a service that is supposed to be anonymous, albeit that anonymity of downloads from the internet is as far as I can tell from my bittorent proxy is fine..


So can anyone help me? how do I stop bittorent [proxy] from keeping logs of every single thing I have downloaded from torrent seems scarcely credible that a proxy would do such a thing...

And I only discovered this by accident when I was using [privazer to DOD securely delete files] I saw the logs then...but the logs were not deleted....everything was what's the point in being anonymous when downloading if your machines is keeping logs in bittorent users as mentioned......?

Now I ain't no tech head so please any explanation keep simple...and more importantly how to damn well stop it.

I have been trying to find ways to stop my computer keeping any logs of any kind no matter what the reason such as website favourites...but I have had no luck...


someone should write a program which stops your computer keeping logs at all, even if it slows the thing down..


Another curios thing I discovered..You cannot register to bittorrent forums using   'TOR BROWSER'?

Why?  I tried twice and all it said was my IP was well known spammers address....

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What logs are you talking about?

BitTorrent keeps a copy of .torrent files so that it can actually use them to download content. They are NOT logs and are NOT reported to outside computers even if they were.

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