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My Glorious Me Has Upload Speed Available


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In my infinite goodness I am seeding about 75 movies right now. I notice however that despite me having like 20 MBytes/sec (!) available, I notice only 1.2 MByte/sec is used. My greatness doesn't shine through like it should, facing such ungrateful leechers. Unless it's my fault that my network isn't utilized to its max.


Below are screenshots to show what I have changed in an attempt to maximize network utilization. I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help me out in becoming even a greater seeder so that the world knows me and knows my greatness, which has no boundaries. Thanks in advance! (Though you should be thankful for being allowed to help me, but I'm not nitpicking.).







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20mbyte/sec based on what?

I can do only 1 post per 24 hours. So I can communicate extensively.


20 MByte/sec is my upload speed Don't sweat the details. Let's focus on the gist, which is that only 2Mbyte/sec is used by bitTorrent. I don't understand why only that is utilized.

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By ignoring my question, you are making it harder for me to help you.

Post a result image from speedtest.net

Uh oh. I made mistake. I see now. I have 200 mbit download speed, but only 20 mbit upload. Not Mbyte but mbit. That explains a lot :). Well, thanks for your help!

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