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Ui Problem In Bitorrent


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Currently having problems with my UI.


I dragged the Detailed Info Bar and now I couldn't pull back down.


Also, the lower part of the Detailed Info Bar seems to have overflowed into the lower crevices of the unknown. 


As with image 1, the detailed info bar overlaps with its panel, thus covering the pull down ledge on it.


For image 2, I'm trying to show how the panel went under another panel. I'd love to prove that by showing you guys that the lower button of the scrollbar is tucked under, but I couldn't choose any torrents as of now because I couldn't pull the detailed info back down.


Okay, as I am writing this, I was able to play with the windows a little more, and Image #3 should prove my point.


Image #1





Image #2





Image #3


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I will second this complaint.  (In fact I made an account just to post that I am having the same issue).  I adjusted the height of the detailed info pane so it was covering the torrents jobs list entirely.  I then had to hide the toolbar and some other bars in order to uncover the top border of the detailed info pane so I could drag it back down.  But the biggest pain in the butt is as enprixd mentioned, that the contents of the detailed info pane (including its scroll bar) continue on downward beyond where it can be seen or clicked, even when BitTorrent is maximized to fill the whole screen.

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Same as Only3Penguins: just created account because of this problem. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved.


Some images:





Edit: I will actually be pleased, if anyone said, how to reset the UI. I'm basically searching for the file that is responsible for it to edit or delete it.

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