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BitTorrent wont download faster than 9KB


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I've been using BitTorrent for a while now as i have had to change from uTorrent for the same situation. my downloads usually speed off to around 2MB with a really good torrent or even 3 or 4 but im used to getting these speeds i thought that it was because i was exceeding my limit. i have not used my internet for two weeks and it is still the same! im running two different torrents on my mac and it will not download more than 9kb. if i have both of them running then my torrents split that 9kb and they download at 4 or 5kb each adding up-to 9kb. i really want to know how to figure this out, its been bugging me over the past month the only option i can think of that does work is restoring my mac to how i brought it but thats my last option. this also used to happen to my windows based computer, il looked up many things online, when i uninstall and reinstall bittorent it tends to work for a few moments with speeds going back up-to 2mb but after about 7 - 8 minutes bittorent automatically caps itself at 9kbps. I've done speedtests and it shows that i can still download at speeds of 20mb but why is this not showing on bittorent or utorrent. i can not be hassled to change to another torrent software as i have already got bittorent and utorrent capped at 9kb. PLEASE HELP!!

P.S. i have looked at port forwarding but utorrent and bittorent do not have advanced settings that are accessible that i know of. also i have tried changing my TCP ports to what people have recommended but still does not work and have randomized it.

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