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Torrent hidden while leeching (and seeding?)


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In the last couple of days I have found that active torrents (those which are actively leeching, and I think those which are completed and seeding as well), are hiding in my torrent list. They are still present, and are still active, and will pop in and out of being visible momentarily if they are briefly interrupted.

Evidence for this:

- I can see that a leeching torrent is still present because its number in the # column is still in use, though hidden along with the whole torrent entry

- If a torrent is set to 'Start' (rather than 'Force Start') it becomes visible again the moment I switch Preferences / Scheduler to 'Turn Off'

Has anyone else experienced this? And did you ever discover the reason?

If so, what was it, heh heh!?

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Provide a screenshot please.

Thanks for taking an interest.

I have posted three screenshots at http://imgur.com/a/Uaxkg#0

In the first you will see that item #13 is missing (this torrent is making progress on the rare occasions it actually stops working and appears briefly); so is #11 which is working slowly in the first image and has disappeared (hidden) in the second. It seems to be able to appear when the speed of working is very low.

In the second image I have allowed other torrents than the Forced ones to start working; and you will see that #16, 23 & 27 have now also hidden. As soon as I switch off the torrents (apart from Forced ones) they reappear.

If I leave the torrents switched on for a while so that more begin to work, as in the third image, you will see that quite a few have disappeared, especially all of #13 to #19.

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Why are you trying to run so many torrents at once?

What category view are you actually looking at?

I'm running a lot of torrents so that I can seed as much as possible (the completed torrents aren't in view in those screenshots). All the torrents I have on 'Forced' are ones which are rarely seeded, so I'm leaving them on as much as possible to try to grab them if a seeder should appear. The others, the trackers I run from just allocate as much as they want to allow me. I seed plenty too!

I'm not sure that I understand 'category view'... okay, let me google up some research...

Aha! Category view... got a hint of what that is about here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=110468

Then tracked down those terms on my BT in the left-side panel... yes, that's the problem. I had somehow inadvertantly clicked on 'Inactive', which meant that a torrent would 'hide' as soon as it became active!

Click at the top on 'All', and there they all are again! Thanks for the hint, and seems that's a possible trap for new players. But my problem seems to be solved for the time being. The hints were appreciated!

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