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Peer Communication And Speed Determination

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One of the largest problems with the downloading of torrents isn't the number of peers or seeders, but that those groups may only be able to give a very small upload speed to you.  I am currently downloading a 127 MB torrent that has 16 files; if this was downloaded through some form of direct download, I would have finished it in around 1 hour.  As it is I am only getting approximatelty 1kB/s for speed, which means that if I am continuesly downloading this torrent that in a little over a day I will have it finished.  To get this torrent faster, the BitTorrent client engine needs to allow for the setting of a specific speed on a torrent for a single peer (who is identified by a base 16 number instead of an IP address to account for the fact of Libraries and other public networks having the same external IP Address).  Now the question is how do we request a higher speed, simple a peer to peer instant messaging service.  I would include this in the right click section when a user selects a peer.  Then we could ask for a specific speed. For example if I was able to communicate with this peer then I would ask for at least 10 kB/s to 100 kB/s.  This would mean that my file would download ten to one hundred times faster.  I could recieve my file in approximately 24 minutes to 2.4 hours instead of one day.  Any comments, questions, or related suggestions?

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