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Choosing a partial download


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I am sure that this is a dummy query but i just upgraded to bt 7.6 and it functions differently. It seems to eliminate the intermediate step where one chooses exactly which parts of the whole torrent they want. For example here http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3847923 I may not want all those albums, I may have some etc. I am sure I am missing some obvious function but anyone want to help?

Thank you

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Hello and thank you

the proper answer to my question, how does one only download a prt of a torrent was given by guest uh forgot his name now but this was the bit:

You have to check the box so that torrents don't start automatically. This way, a box comes up, asking if you really want to add the file. This box can be expanded, to see what you've always seen, the whole checklist business. Torrents downloading automatically? Default settings.

not the part about toggle view

thank you a

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