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Copy+Paste Bittorrent To New Computer With Different Username To Continue Where It Left Off?


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I have a new computer and want to keep using bittorrent as if nothing changed and continue all downloads and keep all progress and everything the same as my old computer.

I was wondering if it's okay to move my bittorrent folder from my old computer to my new computer using copy+paste with a different username (ex. users\nameA\appdata\roaming\bittorrent to --> users\nameB\appdata\roaming\bittorrent.)

However, I kept the directories the same for the torrents and their files and moved all such files to the same directories in the new computer (ex. put completed downloads in D:\downloads.) The only thing different would be the bittorrent folder because of the new username. Will changing the location have any affect on the program or my torrents? T

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