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Strange Problem


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I have been having a weird problem. Using several clients (deluge, tramsmission), torrents will start and finish normally. But when I try to burn them they don't verify (ImgBurn). When I check local data, they download a small amount of repair data, sometimes only .1%. But they do this over and over. They never have a 'clean' check of local data. Both clients do this. I know people say it isn't necessary but I have downloaded some files several times, and it makes no difference.


The only thing in common is that lately files have gotten really huge (HD materials, >5-6GB). And yes, the file system (NTFS) and OS (srvr2k3 64b) have specs which should handle those files. How they act in practice may be different, but there are no OS error messages. Is bittorrent a 32b app? I have no idea what could be doing this.

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When was the last time you did a ram test?



Wow - great catch!


I ran Memtest and then spent all day swapping ram sticks in and out. The funny thing is that the OS gave no errors whatever and just sailed on it's merry way.


I am downloading now, if the problem persists I will re-post.


I owe you a big beer. thank you.

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