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"bittorrent Has Stopped Working"


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Since the previous topic on this one is closed and I still have the same problem, let's give this another try.


1. I'm trying to open the Bittorrent client:




And after a while:




The strange thing is, I have exactly the same problem with µTorrent.


As said in the previous topic, there is no further error information available. 


Note: I already removed and reinstalled both clients several times but without any result.


Thanks in advance,


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A beta version of uTorrent (41182) and BitTorrent (41183) have been released with a fix related to a potential hang on Windows 7 32 bits


To get directly those versions, please install either:


For uTorrent (41182) [as mentioned in http://utclient.utorrent.com/offers/beta_release_notes/release_notes.html]



or For BitTorrent (41183):



(this is a utorrent.com link, but this is not a typo, you will get BitTorrent.exe from it) 


Could you please validate if this version would fix the problem you saw with BitTorrent 7.9.4 (40912) ?





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