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Ram Memory Useage


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I have a serious problem with BitTorrent 7.9.5, build 41074. I am running Windows 7 x64, and if I leave my computer idle for about 3 hours, BitTorrent will fill up all my RAM memory (4 GB). I have 35 torrents (seeding). If I exit BitTorrent, the RAM usage gets from ~95% to ~30% (the normal idle usage).


Can you fix this problem? Or, can I do anything about it?

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I collected some data.


On the right is my Task Manager at 19:20, right after I started BitTorrent. On the left, is 23:34 with BitTorrent running all this time and computer mostly idle all the time between. You can see the ram usage...

If I would have started Google Chrome (a very RAM demanding browser), it would have rapidly went to about 95%. In idle, it doesn't seem to go above 85% (or it goes, but very slowly).

Another thing that I have noticed, depending on the speed the torrents are uploaded (I am seeding), the RAM usage of BitTorrent.exe modifies, but the overall usage is constant.



This picture was taken right after the second one. You can see the change in physical memory...


If needed, I would be happy to provide any additional data...

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