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Unable To Download Magnets


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I have not used BitTorrent in several months. This morning I tried to download a magnet file and nothing happens at all. I do not even get an error message. I tried this from two different sites.


I use Google Chrome as my browser and have for the many many magnet files that I have successfully downloaded in the past.


Any suggestions? 

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If the problem is only with Chrome then you may try this:


Go to start menu > run 
type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data 
Double click the Local State file 
select notepad to open it with notepad 
set the read line (the blinking line) to the top by pressing ctrl + home 
search for "protocol_handler" by typing in ctrl + f and entering in protocol_handler 
find your protocol. it should say "magnet" 
delete that entire line and nothing else 
restart chrome, and it should be reset

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