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It Still Up/download Something Even After Stopped All Torrent


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*i am not a english user so there must be something wired thing


i used uTorrent.

i deleted all torrent folder (\appdata\roaming\utorrent <--like that thing)

and i downloaded bittorent. and when i check preference->Transfer Cap[usage history] Uploaded and downloaded still increasing

i tried reset history button. but it keep increasing


*also, this Red marked Values are keep increasing too


why torrent keep down/upload something? is this just error?

after downloaded bit torrent, i deleted all torrent files and uTorrent client.


i tried reinstall bittorrent but still i getting problem

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IT looks to be DHT.

Also, if you're continuing to use the same port on all your instances (in preferences - connection) it will also have incoming connections it will have to process.

is DHT Up/download information about who have files?

anyway so now nobody can see me in seeder list or something? thank you so much for your answer

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