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Seeding From Nas Connection Problem


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I've got a 1.13TB torrent that I downloaded bit by bit onto my harddisk then transferred bit by bit onto a NAS as it was completed.


What I'd like to do now is seed that torrent directly from the NAS, but the connection to the network isn't 100% so I will intermittently get a file not found error message.


I've pointed the torrent at the moved files, and it's doing a force recheck to confirm they're all there, but it keeps on losing the connection as soon as the laptop that the bittorrent client's on goes to standby (and after 6 hours the torrent's only 12% checked).


Is there a way, once I get the error message, to get the client to continue the recheck from where it left off before losing the connection? I'd like at least one recheck to confirm all the files have been moved correctly.


Or is there a quicker way for the bittorrent client to 'see' that the files are there? If I ask it to start, it starts trying to download what it thinks it hasn't got (will that have corrupted any files?) There seem to be other clients with the ability to check if the files are already present.


And once I have forced bittorrent to recognise the files are there, is a there a good way to avoid the recheck and just ask the bittorrent to assume it's there, seeing as I am purely seeding at this point?

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