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switching from ipv4 to ipv6

Hans Meiser

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i have a few questions regarding download speed/ availability of seeders when using bittorrent with an ipv6 address. I live in Germany and use bittorrent for safety reasons via a vpn-client mostly for downloading english language media. I currently have an ipv4 address but I am very displeased with my current Internet service provider. If i change the provider though, I would get an ipv6 address since there are no more ipv4 addresses. Now I heard that with an ipv6 address I can only access seeders that have an ipv6 address as well when downloading torrents. Is this true and what does this mean, how much will this generally affect my downloadspeed or the availability of seeds. Does anybody here already have experience with the effect of switching from ipv4 to ipv6?


Thanks a lot. 

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