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I installed a new HDD into my computer and reinstalled Windows and still have my old HDD still connected that had bittorrent installed and I have read in the forums here that if I transfer all of the .torrent files from my old AppData\roaming\BitTorrent\ to the new drive of the same location that the new installation would see all of the files I was seeding and pick back up where I left off from but the program doesn't see any of those files, just the new ones I have created to seed. What do I need to do so the new installment of BitTorrent will read the .torrent files I copied into the directory.

Also if I try to save any new files through BitTorrent into the directory I was saving with the old installment of BitTorrent then I get a message the files can't be saved to that directory so I have to choose a new one but all of the old files are there and I can access them but just can't have BitTorrent save any new files to that directory. What do I need to  do so I can keep all of my seeded files in the same directory if I am downloading or uploading them.


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