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A few questions for the experts

Admiral Smith

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A few questions.

1.  Am I using bittorrent wrong when I create a torrent to share that makes the client give out a memory error?  I am only sharing about 5 GB of files.
2.  What would be the recommended size of torrents with files included in them?  100MB. 500MB, 4GB?
3. A follow up on #1.  Am I using a wrong torrent client when it errors out because the file sizes or file amount is too big?  I tried it on a Linux torrent client and it worked. 
4.  Is the bittorrent client 32bit only?
Thank you in advance.

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1> Not really, the client's built in maker probably breaks because of a memory cleanup problem in the code.

2> Ideally you'd have the files in an immediately-usable state, and not spread across split archives

3> It's better to make the torrent with 3rd party torrent makers right now due to the memory cleanup problem the integrated one has. http://wiki.depthstrike.com/wiki/EAD:Utilities:TorrentBuild is one such maker.

4> Yes. There is no performance or stability benefit to having it 64-bit.

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