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WON'T load torrent content files

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Please have a look at the picture I attached. At the bottom you will see a circle that is in the process of spinning. The circle keeps spinning and it wont load the content files of the torrent for me to select which one to download. If I click on OK then it just won't download anything  - it keeps saying "connecting to peers 0.0%. 

I have tried with uTorrent but I get the same issue. 

Can you please HELP - I have windows 10 and Avast. everything was working fine then all of a sudden this issue started


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I was given steps that are not working.

I was told to follow this link

I dont understand how to do what I am being asked to. Step 3 is not even possible because

Open Office doesn't even provide torrents to download Open Office now! or at least i can't find them

And I have tried step 4 but to no avail. Step 1 and 2 are N/A because bittorrent and utorrent were working fine until last week and I haven't installed any new OS or antivirus. 

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the first file is the one that I have been downloading for a week. 

The second one stopped working

the third and the fourth, like anything else I add, stop at "connecting to peers 0.0%"


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