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Unconditional seeding/downloading bittorrent


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I want to suggest a kind of basic thing, i want to be able to add a peer that when added will try to connect to it and if that peer becomes available it will never choke that peer. In both directions, basically the highest priority peer.

Why, well, me and a friend of mine want to send stuff between each other, maybe a cool "linux distro" or similar, and, well we have a very high speed link between us so why not prioritize that link over everything else, but i have so many times had either one or both sides choke the other or similar and it is super annoying since we might be getting a fraction of the possible speed from the internet compared to the max speed between us.

Additionally, an ability to add such a "friend peer" in a list somewhere so he gets queried for every torrent i add, so that if he has the same info hash, i will try him first of all peers.


This is a repost because the other thread was locked without giving me a chance to even respond.


-- Edit:

I know i can get better speed this way, one of us can finish the download, and then have the other download it over FTPs directly from the other, while his torrent download has not even finished...


We are both on 500 mbit/s symmetrical optical fiber connections, like most people are in my country...


So yes, i really REALLY do want "friend mode".

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