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Installation failure due to AV detection


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Is the author of BitTorrent (Bram Cohen?) aware of the problems when installing
BitTorrent 7.9.6 Build 42095 (latest free version + also several recent versions)?
Specifically: Avira AV detects "PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud" and prevents the program installer to properly function.
Comment: inclusion of adware in "free" software is considered to be OK/fine, as long as it doesn't halt proper installation, while an active AV program is also present & in operation.

Note: this problematic software was downloaded directly from the bittorrent.com web site, so you can't go blaming MajorGeeks.com for the malware.

P.S. You may want to say: "Just disable real-time AV detection, temporarily".

But no, that solution is contrary to any kind of existing "community standard" for Windows software.

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8 hours ago, Harold Feit said:

My suggestion is to switch to an AV that isn't excessively paranoid.

I simply prefer using Avira AV, and have no intention of changing to another AV solution.

If the Bittorrent installer process simply offered an option to allow/disallow the "PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud" feature, then Avira AV wouldn't intervene and halt the installation. It's the "sneakiness" of how "PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud" is being installed that's the issue.

Potential security risk.

Suggestion: provide the ability to successfully complete the installation of Bittorrent, even if an AV detection of the "PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud" (adware installation sub-routine) does occur.

Note: Avira AV free version can be downloaded here: http://www.avira.com/

The install process for Avira AV is a 2-step process. The initial "Avira Launcher" is installed first, then within the "Launcher" the AV program itself may then be downloaded and installed.

Conclusion: Bittorrent's author may need to find some other adware/revenue stream to accompany his/her (otherwise decent) program.

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"PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud" now being detected once again by Avira AV, in BitTorrent 7.9.7 Build 42331.

This version of BitTorrent is date stamped May 3, 2016. Only today: June 29 is Avira now identifying the malware "PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud",

making it unusable.

Therefore: please release an updated version without the "PUA (OpenCandy)/Cloud" malware.

Note to Harold Feit: no, your earlier suggestion "My suggestion is to switch to an AV that isn't excessively paranoid" is (and always will be) rejected in advance.

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