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5-star rating for torrents is gone?


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My user-client just updated itself, and I noticed that column with 5-star rating is gone. Why did you took it away? :(

It was such a nice feature to organize torrents when you have lots of them. 






The only thing related to 'rating' I was able to find in settings is your ratio, not the 5-star rating. Can I somehow bring it back? Or the only way to have 5-star rating for torrents is to find previous version of the client and never upgrade it?  

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34 minutes ago, Harold Feit said:

Did you right-click the column headers yet?

You mean, after the latest update? Yeah, I did, and I can't find anything related to 'rating' in here, only 'ratio'.


English isn't my native, but here, I changed the language to english so you can see for yourself that there isn't anything related to 'rating' =/


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In advanced settings I was able to find only this line related to rating:


But as you can see it's enabled.

So it seems that this option was just taken away :(


If this rating thing was common (I mean, every user for torrent file was able to share their rating with other users) then yeah, It wasn't very useful. But they could've keep it only on user-side. The good thing about rating was for me to navigate throughout lots of torrents, e.g. once I've downloaded new episode for some TV series, I was sure that I haven't watched it if the torrent wasn't rated by me yet. That was a very nice feature.


So anyway, thanks for your time.


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