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One Folder to Selective Sync and Read Only?


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Is there a way to share a single folder so that some clients get it as Read Only and others can use Selective Sync?


I've tried this unsuccessfully, but may have missed some procedure.


What I did:

1. Using Sync Pro Mac v 2.3.7, added an Advanced Folder.

2. Right-clicked on the folder name in Sync Pro, selected Share.

3. In the Share settings changed the Permission radio button to Read Only, disabled the Security checkboxes, and clicked the Copy button to place the folder key on the clipboard.

4. Cutting down the HTML link to just the folder key, I went to Client 1 (Win7, Sync 2.3.7 [451]), clicked Add Folder, and chose Enter a Key or Link.

5. Into the manual connection Key field I pasted the folder key copied from the Source system, clicked Next, and chose a folder for syncing.

6. Finished with Client 1, I went to Client 2 and connected the folder while choosing Selective Sync.


What happened:

Client 2 selectively syncs properly.

The Source, instead of syncing the Advanced folder, starting syncing Client 1's folder as a new share folder. So, instead of the source folder syncing read-only to Client 1, Client 1's copy of the source folder became it's OWN SOURCE and initiated a new, separate share with the Source system, which is configured in My Devices to automatically sync new folder from other devices.


How can I make a single folder be available for Selective Sync to some clients but Read-Only to others (mostly for backup and versioning systems)? Note that all clients are within the organization.

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