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Uploading of 3.8GB file stops at 92% with many leechers


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Hi, thank for your help.  I spent many hours reading and tried a few things like disabling the firewall, disabling DHT, etc, but to no avail.

This is my first torrent upload and I'm using bittorrent 7.6.  I have 39 files of about 100MB each for a total of 3.8GB.  After I provided a link on a site one single peer connected and did download 92%, but then it stopped.  Nothing has happened in the last 24 hours in spite of rebooting the PC and restarting bittorrent many times.  I can have 12 peers (a few in swarm) and 2 seeders in swarm but there is no traffic at all on this particular upload.  While many other previously downloaded torrent files are being uploaded without a problem.

It is not a bandwidth issue.  And I have in excess of 10 trackers on that particular upload.

Any suggestions as I really would like to share this with the community at large?





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