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maybe just another speed problem


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HI everyone

I know there are plenty of posts similar to this one..my apologies, but in some way i think is a bit different.

i have 2 downloads running for a few years now, average download speed is 1Kb (ranging from 200b to 3KBb).

cannot upgrade nor disinstall/install. old computer, unusual Os, old dristro. that's it.

usually (recently) i get average 1Mb of download every 1Gb of upload..so really really high ratio. (eg, yesterday was 33Gb ul, 41Mb dl)

I usually upload previous files at 1 to 4 Mb...occasionally these 2 praticular downloads run at 1Mb (but only for less than a minute) then go back at usual 1Kb per second.

I tried different solutions in the past, change or refresh things like port, adding peers, numbers of connections, etc...I dont even remember all the things I've tried, but really many.

if I dowanload a new, but different and normal popular  torrent, I can dl it in a really fast time, even 4Mb, sometimes...

these 2 downloads (kinda big) are not really popular, but I can see other ppl try to download, and when they download from me the y go at 1 to 4 Mb, but I cannot download from them at the same speed...I can even see other peers, connected to me, that let me downlad at 1Kb, after some their progress is visible, but I cannot see any improvement on my dl...


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well, I tried for a moment those torrents (only for a moment, but I don't have space and I'm not interested in those torrents) but they work pretty well, the download speed raises fast to 1Mb per second...

but what this has to do with the torrents I want to download?

I also tried to read on that link website, but I already do few times the check (force check), but nothing changes.

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apparently I solved the problem, but i should say really unexpectedly....

I will share my "solution". I hope it'll help others.

(sorry if i write too much)

as I said my computer is really old (physically)  and with a no-longer supported version of ubuntu.

well, last week i decided to backup everything, delete everything from the computer and install a new OS (with low requirements).

I'm still in the phase of backing up and deleting (but almost finished).

Anyway I noticed, after I deleted a big chunk of my files (almost everything, except programs and torrents' downloads) , that the torrent came back to life from almost zero bytes to a few hundreds KBs. 

I think the problem was in some sort of fragmented space on the disk (it was used really a lot, with a lot of deleting, copying, pasting, etc).

I know ubuntu shouldn't have problems of defrag in theory but I think it had, becasue now it's running smoothly.

I woouldnt even say it's a problem of space, cuz it had always more the 10Gb free, but never use it.

Of course it's only my interpretation, and even I'm not that expert with computers I'm not stupid either. Well,I wrote only to share my experience and possibly help others, or at least offer an interpretaation/solution to speed problems.


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