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Why am I uploading slowly


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This is the third time I tried to post this:

BitTorrent 7.9.8 on win7

I have two fully downloaded torrents I am try to provide to others.  Seeds for torrent 1 says 0(1) and status is "seeding".  The 2 peers Up speed is very slow. I seem to be the only supplier of data

1.  There are 2 peers both of which are uploading at less that 20KB/s even though I have no upload bandwidth limit set.  What is causing the bandwidth throttling?  How can I eliminate it? I see long periods of Inactive.  Why is there an Max Upload speed for the torrent  in the Info pane (it bounces around, matching the actual uplad speed)?

2.  Does this have something to do with "Quota"?

3.  I added a bunch of trackers.  Is that helpful?  They are all "working".

4.  When I checked "Initial seeding" for the torrent it seem to stop all activity.  Do I just check that if it is a new torrent that I am creating?

5.  For Torrent 2, (I'll call it XXX) I see the following in the log:

[2016-09-11 19:06:36] Disconnect: Banned
[2016-09-11 19:06:36] Disconnect: Connection closed
[2016-09-11 19:06:37] Disconnect: Banned
[2016-09-11 19:06:37] Disconnect: Connection closed

The question is:  How do I maximize upload to peers when I'm the only one supplying data?



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1> Nothing is throttling. They may simply have enough other sources for the file to only need that much from you, or they're downloading a stupidly high number of torrent.

2> No

3> HELL NO. Adding a bunch of trackers only serves to increase the load on those trackers and doesn't actually help you.

4> Mostly yes, BUT, initial seeding in BitTorrent does NOT perform well in any tested scenario.

5> Ignore those they aren't relevant to your issue.

If you're GENUINELY the only one supplying data, make sure that the people downloading haven't been stupid in their settings. If they've followed those speedup guides from youtube, they are contributing MASSIVELY to the problems people have.


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Thanks for the reply.  I'll just assume I'm doing everything right and they have their own issues.

Regarding 3, what is the best way to approach that?  Seems I just need a tracker that others are using also?  Or what?  I'm a little fuzzy about the particulars.  what do you recommend?

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