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Progressive Prioritizer (high/don't)


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Basically, the idea is to have the files downloaded in the order they appear in alphabetically, and with due haste. So, instead of say 24 files being downloaded all at once, with a few having priority over the rest, why not just distribute priority amongst 1st 3 files, and the rest put on hold, while these 3 are beign downloaded. Basically, creating a progressive, self prioritizing, "que" system inside the torrent itself.


24 "files" in the torrent.

Alphabetically: 1st file = max priority(high); 2nd file = max priority-1(medium); 3rd file = max priority-2(low); all other files = max priority -3(dont' download).

when file status = complete, put the next "don't download" on whatever status the completed file was before it finished download. Or bump all other priorities by 1, and give the next "don't download" file the lowest priority.

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