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odd pop up webpage problem


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I have a problem in that my BitTorrent 7.9.9 is now coming up with a pop up web page nag screen in that it keeps stating the following

"Webpage unavailable while offline" and it is showing the internet explorer icon in this pop up screen all of which is very odd indeed as I do not use internet explorer at all in that I use Firefox and also BitTorrent is on line and downloading at the time.

It seems to active by it self as soon as the BitTorrent program is started however as soon as you touch anything in the BitTorrent program screen too we have this "pop up web page nag screen" coming up and I have taken screen shoots of this.

I would like to know if any one else is having the same problems as I just cant understand this at all as prior to this tear down every thing was working fine its been active in the last 3 days that it has all started and I have completely uninstalled  the BitTorrent program as I had tried very hard to find out what was causing it all with out any successes.

After having cleared out every thing on the computer and that includes the Temp internet folder as well I have re installed the BitTorrent program  BUT you guested it its still there so what in the world is going on?

Any helpful ideas or cures please let me know.

Thank you.

BitTorrent error 24 Nov 2016.JPG

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Hello Harold

Thank you for you comments but can you please tell me as to why would this all be starting up now after years of NOT having anything like this ever taken place before in the past?

It dose not explain as to WHY it is starting to do this now?

But the main thing is how to stop it.

It is now more of annoyance than anything so if it keeps it up I will just kill OFF my BitTorrent as I don't like out side influence taking over my computer let alone stealing my band width.

I can live with out it all just like my smart TV which has the internet turned off on that too like so many other bits of equipment I have got in they have got nothing but spy wear in them like even my PS3, Xbox 360 PS4 and even my phone.

Yes indeed its a brave new world out there now a days.






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