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Cant open some downloads

Kev China

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Hi,  I am new here and also I am not an expert regarding internet or computers like most of you appear to be, so if you do reply can you please do so as simply as possible.

My problem is, each time I download some movies ( such as  “Assassin's Creed 2016 HDRip.x264-FUMmovie”) it is always the same I can never open it, even I do what it says in the Readme Doc (If the movie is not loading then visit the below link and install the missing CODEC for free.

Download Codec: http://updatecodec.placeofentertainment.org/.  ) I have even tried downloading a codec from XVid direct but it still doesn’t work…. This happens a lot when I download from TV Team

Can anyone please advise me ?

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