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Torrent redownload questions


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Is it possible to look up the info  hash of every torrent that i have seeding? I have over 900 gbs of torrents in my downloads but I'm only seeding less then half of what is in my downloads. The reason I need to know is because I have to take my computer to be serviced the hinge broke on the back left side so I have to get it fixed. And I don't want torrents on my computer when I take it in to be looked at. Is it possible to delete the the torrent client and install it again after I get my computer back and have it set up where it rechecks the torrents and starts seeding again without having to redownload the torrents? And I only want to select the torrents I'm seeding now.or would I have to redownload all the torrents I have seeding after getting it back? Btw I use BitTorrent if that matters. How do I just copy every hash info from the torrents? Instead of trying to do it one by one.

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