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So I tried downloading this large file for I think 4 days straight, 5-6 hrs download per day. And then the downloading took a break for about 2 days, and the downloaded size before the break was already at 10gb. And when I resumed the download, it went back to 0.7%..?! I checked the file and what reflected was the current downloaded size, not the 10gb initially showed before the long pause. I searched for similar problems but what I usually found are admins or people telling the person that he could have mistaken it as hash-checking. And nope, I swear to you I know the difference between hash-checking and downloading progress. I also tried replacing the resume.dat.old with the resume.dat but nothing happened. I didn't ever remove or change the file location. I hope that if you take a look at the picture you'd get what I'm trying to say. It has been 2 days since the download 'restarted'.

So what is going on? I kinda accepted the fact that I have to wait for a long time again just to finish the download. But I am dreaded by the fact that if I pause the download for 2 or more days again, it will restart. What should I do?


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