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Many files stuck at 90%+ complete..strange


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Hi Harold,


Thanks for the response.  I believe that there are no current seeds.  It says 0 of 0.  I file I have is 99.4% complete.  It's weird that I couldn't sneak in that last bit of file.  Logic would say that I was downloading the file from one torrent available and the other side logged off, etc.  I have several files that are over 95% complete but just died.  My first thought was that Bitorrent somehow locked the final transfer until I paid for  membership.  It seems coincidental that I have all of these files that are falling short.  Furthermore, is there any way to access the incomplete file(aka if it's a song) and get most of it.  Is the file linear.  Meaning if I could open a 99.4% completed file, would I theoretically be able to listen to most of the song with the end being chopped?  Hope this makes sense.  Otherwise, is it just a matter of hoping that the original seeder(file origination) gets back online and allows that last bit of transfer?  Thanks again. 

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