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BitTorrent client stops to download a tasks in 30% cases on 1-2 pieces


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Topic dedicated to developers of uT/bT clients.

I found that uT and bT clients for about 2-3 years starts to download tasks differently comparing with previous their behavior. About 30% of all started to download from 0.0% tasks stops forever when client finished to download 1 piece of each file in task. Seed and Peers are connected (for example Seeds 30(100), Peers 12(150) ) but download and upload columns on that task is less then 1 kB/s or 0 at all. To make task downloaded I stop task wait a few seconds and start it again. That make task download at full speed after about 6-8 seconds after it restart. Sometimes I need to stop hanging tasks twice.

1) Did you understand me?

2) How can I help you to determine that's going on to make it fixed at last? May be to provide some debug info? Do you have any debug builds with auto or manual report of verbose debug data? I can install it on my PC.

3) cause it lasts for years can you tell me is it the bug or bandwidth cooling down feature? It covers my earlier 2 PCs win 8.1, now 3 PCs win 10. Just the same "feature" of stop to download of about a 30% tasks in the beginning behavior everywhere.

Any thoughts from you and help to diagnose it from my side to make it fixed forever.


win10 v1703 x64 enterprise (current), uT 3.5 beta 43534, bT 7.9.9 43389

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Thank you for your try to help, but problem persists.

it's no matter from where torrent file downloaded from - it happens with torrent files from many trackers.

> something to do with network hardware or software (network card drivers, antivirus or firewall)

how is can be cause network card drives? all other task downloads and uploads runs with good speed just simultaneously with hanged up task which stops forever after 1-2 pieces downloaded. I saw periods about 8-12 hours with many seeders and restart of that task got it speed of light after 10 seconds. All other network client software goes well (web browser, skype, team viewer, WinUpd, etc.)

no AV installed (WinDef turned off too)

firewall is native in Win. no custom rules except to let uT and bT to add them in exclusions list as they want while install process (I use random port in uT and bT settings). What's wrong with firewall of other tasks downloading and seeding at good speed?

something to do with network hardware or software (network card drivers, antivirus or firewall) rather than the various clients you've tried.
it's for 2-3 years on destop PCs (bought in 2013 and 2014) and on Intel NUC5i3 (bought in 2015). All comes with no AV installed (WinDef turned off also) same default Win native Firewall rules, different network cards and drivers for them. But just like copy-paste behaviour - completely the same.
All PC ran Win8, now win10 the problem is the same for all starting about 2-3 years ago.

How BitTorrent client will be for short? How it will be in a right way? I use bT like I know uTorrent is uT.

As you see it looks like the problem is in bT and uT clients itself. May be I wrong, but for me all points to this for now. Really need debug info or debug build to see verbose information of that bT/uT modules/components/functions doing. Can you help me in this way or please re-address that topic to your coolest developers.

>Do slackware torrents give the same behavior?

Before I download torrents you link me (I guess your torrents source will be with the same behavior of my client):
did I figure out my problem completely and you can understand me or your still need a video how task hanging goes like? Please be free to told me if my problem description or my English is not what you expect it to be. Please feel free to tell me everything and we will go straight forward much faster - just let me know if you know a shortcut.

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Tried to download all 9 torrents on the page mentioned just now.

I added them and deleted with torrent files and downloading files for 3 times/rounds, so I add 27 torrents for bT statistics info.

Result: they are downloading very well at good speed in all 27 cases and no one stopped after download begin.

Very interesting: what it can give in our investigation?

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So the problem is in torrents? What the problem is? I can write an app to recover/re-parse/convert torrent files but I have no idea what is the torrent problem - BitTorrent client just need to stop and to start download to everything work fine. Is it really *.torrent files problem? I do not know how you diagnose it.

Analogue looks like this: if we make a phone calls to someone and during 3rd call after some duration of talk we lost the connection with call break then we must not to use this phone number, isn't it?

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