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PC won't boot after uninstall, beep code


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HP Envy 17, windows 7. 1GB HDD, 650 GB free.

I have installed BT twice in the last decade, used it once, then uninstalled it.  Only used the hdd, no USB or other storage.  Each time after a clean uninstall (CC cleaner) the PC refuses to boot unless the boot sequence is interrupted with f2 or f8.  I can hear the HDD start up, there is brief movement, then the beep code (continuous), then restart.  I don't recall how I fixed it last time but it was something easy although not obvious.

I have run every possible memory and hdd test, defragmented and cleaned up the drive etc., same as last time, no issues.


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While a search of C: yields nothing, nor does any type of anti-virus program, I did find this in the ntbtlog boot log: Loaded driver \??\C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\rikvm_38F51D56.sys

I know rikvm is a virus that affects system files.  Does it launch once and disappear, or is it still hidden somewhere?

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I reinstalled and updated the bios, I reloaded windows........still get constant beeps as soon as boot-up starts.

On HP bios' this could mean a H/W issue, which I am not ruling out, except I reset the memory, verified keyboard and other functionality, and there are no issues running anything on the PC.

What I hear as soon as boot starts, it's like the HDD parks itself.  We're all used to the sounds made at boot up, and this is definitely different action, and its also what happened  7-ish years ago when i uninstalled BT on a different PC.  That time, just shotgunning solutions eventually made it OK.   However, I don't know if the HDD behavior is because of an unrelated error or because of a command left over by BT or even a setting I made in BT.  I have a RAID-0 drive, 2x500gb.

Any ideas on how to investigate the HDD? 

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