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Unable to seed existing files


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I'm running BitTorrent 7.9.1 build 30739 and recently I got this error message for two torrents "Error : Former volume not mounted"

Associated files are located on an external hard drive ... like others for which everything works fine ...

I first try to "Relocate" each files and it works but then after I stop / restart BitTorrent this error always re-appears and now I can't just fix it with a relocation

I use "Force Re-check" (OK and I can see the files using "Open containing folder") but when I start the torrent I always get this same error message

Can anyone help me on this ?

Thx in advance

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I figured out that for this two torrents only the save directory was wrong (bad drive letter) and remains wrong even after the manual relocation = "save directory" you can see in the main interface and "path" for files I relocate inside the torrent were different. Upgrade fixes this but the save directory value still appears with the wrong letter in the main interface ...

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