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Regarding After clean install of windows activation code is no longer working and your comment 


Support for things like that are not handled on the forums.

Obviously, I have attempted to contact customer support first, multiple times, have not received a response, am a paying customer, and have posted here as a last ditch attempt to raise some awareness of my issue. Is it common for customer support to ignore... customers? Can customers ever expect a response? Can you provide me with the contact information of someone that can resolve my issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I guess, let this be a warning to potential, future, paying customers. Two weeks after purchase, my activation key no longer activates the software I paid for. Additionally customer support appears to be non-existent. I have contacted them twice, with no response. My initial request for assistance, on this forum, was immediately closed/locked by a hasty moderator. Like, ok, support for things like that are not handled on the forums, so all discussion around the issue must be suppressed by locking the thread? Good luck!


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I also submitted a customer service request awhile back (a week or two) and did receive a response via e-mail.  My feeling is that the folks that manage such things aren't staffed for a very large organization, and so patience is required...and possible persistence.

I'd encourage you to resubmit your request, if you haven't already, as it may have been inadvertently deleted, missed, been blocked by a spam filter, etc.  Likewise, perhaps the response was similarly lost due to a typo, filter, etc.

Unfortunately I can't seem to pull up my customer service response, or I would try to put you in touch with a representative.  If I can find it, I'll contact you via PM.





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