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bittorent wont download properly

Guest David

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Guest David

whenever i download a torrent it does show up in bittorent, but the estimated time is infinity, and it doesnt download a single byte of information.

im also getting the message "possibly insufficient sources" even tho it has many seeders

ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, that didnt help.

ive tried turning off my firewall, and that didnt work either

i also made sure that its allowed thru the firewall, and its also allowed thru ports 6881-6999.

plz help me ever since megaupload went down idk where to get my music! :'(

thanks in advance

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Guest Sergio


I've got the same problem!!!!!

It started a couple of weeks ago after a couple of very fast download!

ANy idea why happened? Any suggestions how to let it work again?

Thanks a lot!

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