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Bit Torrent automatically starts on Windows restart


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BitTorrent 7.10 (build 44091) 32 bit was installed on Windows 10.

Even though I have unchecked Windows integration n section, Bit Torrent automatically starts on a restart of Windows.

It is very frustrating. I would only like to have Bittorrent activate when required such as clicking on magnet.




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hello i too have this problem ,it only started after i had a windows 10 update a few days ago . the " start bit torrent when windows start " is UNTICKED but it still starts up even if i have no torrents listed 


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Ok, maybe I have a workaround.

I have checked the option "Start BitTorrent when Windows starts", restart the computer. BitTorrent did start with Windows.

Then unchecked the option, save it and restart the computer again. And it worked, BitTorrent did not restart with Windows.


For the developers : It's just a guess but maybe you made the default option "checked".

Then when we open the options, you only save it IF there is any changes, which is not the case if the option are already the way we want it.

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