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New torrent, no seeding, plz help

Guest matman72

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Guest matman72

Ive been using Utorrent & bitorrent for years, i always seed as much as my bandwitdh limit aloows,

but the time has come to share somethings, some people on certain forums have trouble getting.

Ive created the torrents, but as a noob, in this regard i stuffed up it seems. i have seeds,0(3) & 14(27) peers,

But there seems to be no uploading, it goes to 0.1k ocasionally.

The only clue that came to mind after half a day of searching & reading is that i must embed my own tracker:

The embedded tracker URL is: http://your_ip_address:port/announce

but wher ethe hell do i do this. any help will be repaid. . .err. . .somehow :rolleyes:

Anyway, just thanx a heap, in advance




PS can i contact peers in my list somehow?

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Guest matman72

This won't actually do anything to help your speeds at all.

What internet security software do you have installed?

Who is your internet provider?

thanx Harold,

Telstra bundle w/100GB

using AVG right now, MBAM & Spybot. Changing from Avg soon,

havent found one im 100% happy with.

*Should i be downloading my own torrent before seeding, cos thats what its doing.

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Guest matman72


It should have re-checked the files and loaded it.

well, for some reason, probably my settings <_< , its

downloading first.

tried again on another client, it stays on initial seedding, but nothing changes.

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