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A few bugs

Guest Paul

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I've been having on and off problems with Bittorrent and I haven't been able to find help in the MANY forums I've visited. I'd appreciate any kind of help.

Must be noted: I know this is NOT related to my computer, hardware, disk space, admin access, router, internet or ISP or even the the amount of seeds/leechs. This is entirely related to Bittorrent, because everything was perfect before the last update, and nothing has changed on my end, and I only download from sources that have a LOT of seeders. Also note that every solution I've been given has been tried on both on and off modes, with a Bittorrent restart between each test.

My first problem: After a few minutes of normal downloads, the speed of every torrent is reduced to a crawl, about 5-10 kb/s which is way way slow (I can get to a few MB/S on a good day). I read somewhere that the "DHT" option was to blame, but disabling it and restarting only worked for a little time, then the slow speed comes back. Turning it on and restarting has the same effect.

A "Disk Overloaded 100%" message appears on the bottom line, and I read somewhere else that the advanced options "disk cache" had to be disabled, but it did the same thing as the DHT one and only worked for so long before the same message appeared again.

My second problem: After a couple of program restarts, every file goes into "checking" mode, which totally stops the download. However, they all stay at 0% except for one that goes up to 99.9% and then gets stuck there. The Force Re-check option is grayed out. Pausing does nothing, but stopping the torrent opens up the Force Re-Check option, but as soon as I click it, Bittorrent crashes and I have to restart it, to face back the same "Checked 0.0%" on every torrent.

At this moment, one of the 0% changed back to a normal download, just to be hit by a slow download speed and a disk overload. I have not touched anything and don't understand how that torrent came back on and not the others.

I know I'M not the only one who gets all those errors for I've seen a LOT of people asking around about them. If there are any Bittorrent admins here, would it be possible to hear about a solution to those problems, and if a fix is being made for a future update? I never had this many problems with the last version of the program. Thanks :)

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So I've set diskio.use_partfile and it seems to have taken care of my "checking" problem. Thanks :)

However, the speed problems are still there. When I start Bittorrent, it connects every torrent to speeds between 200 kb/s and 2 mb/s depending on the amount of seeders, then after a few minutes, the message "Disk overloaded 100%" appears on the bottom, in the space left of "DHT". Then every torrent goes back to a few kb/s. It does that at every Bittorrent restart. I still have 80 Gb left on my hard drive and the total space of every torrent doesn't go higher than a few Gb.

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