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No seeds / peers

Guest HB

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Hi wondered if anyone can help.

I have selected to download 3 torrents and they all go red straight away and say there are no peers/ seeds. I deliberately downloaded the ones with the most seeds and peers and Ive tried to restart each 3 times now. The amount showing isnt changing and Ive waited 2 hours so far.

I use windows vista, IE 7 and have got Panda security.

Ive turned off my firewall and have added BitTorrent to allow inbound and outbound connections.

I have not had problems before and downloaded loads of things but my computer had a bit of a spazz a few weeks ago and wiped all my previous downloads. All seems to be back to normal now accept this.

I did notice that when I used to download, a pop up would appear asking which files I wanted...that doesnt seem to happen anymore?

Any help is appreciated!



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OK...thanks for replying so fast.

It says...

[DHT] - waiting for announce...

[Local Peer Discovery] - working

[Peer exchange] - working

then 3 trracker ones saying invalid URL.

Thanks for looking into it - I havent got a clue!!!


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