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Problems problems with portwarding


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I'm running win7 ultimate

my router is a cisco e3200

bittorrent 7.6

also Im using a VPN

No matter what port I use (using simple port-forwarding) I get nothing. Also SPF doesn't seem to do anything. For example I just do not understand how to find open ports.I pick a port arbitrarily, (avoiding the ones I've read are already taken)put it in SPF, go to my router and put it in the port-forwarding section. Then in bittorrent I test it. It fails every-time. I get the message about Neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled....but I have it checked in the preferences.

Further more,if I run Netstat in a cmd window, I dont actually understand what I'm looking at. I think I may be making this more difficult than it is, (kind of my MO)At any rate i'd appreciate some one drawing me a picture so to speak.

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I realize this is not as easy as getting rid of the bitTorrent toolbar, but I'd hoped to get some more responses to:

1.easily find open ports.

2.make netstat my bitch

3.speeding up bitTorrent when using a VPN

I've not had much luck with simple portforwarding as it seems to not open ports. I get "failed" more often than not.

Any advice is appreciated

I'm not anticipating 110 responses to something that is less glamorous than removing a toolbar, but I would expect that these 3 things might be a challenge and of interest to the bitTorrent community.

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