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BitTorrent hogging connection


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A very strange problem has cropped up for me in the last 2 days. Whenever I launch BitTorrent, my pipe appears to be getting hogged by it. It does this whether or not it has any active torrents upload/downloading. My connection is plenty fast, I have BT set to a max DL of of 50% of my max bandwidth, and it doesn't matter.

If I launch BT it works perfectly, but nothing else can connect even though my connection is 95-99% idle.

I'm running BT 7.6.1 on W7x64 and have been for a while now. No settings have been changed and this just started 2 days ago. Any suggestions?

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What changed 2 days ago?

Have you turned off any firewall in the router?

No settings in anything have been changed. The problem is with this PC only, and only when BT is running. Every other PC on my network is fine.

I've dug through everything that even remotely makes sense and I can't find anything wrong. The only thing I haven't tried yet is another torrent client.

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