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Built a new box recently and installed Bit Torrent. It launches and appears in the Windows Task bar whenever I log in. I have checked the startup in msconfig, and I dont see that any entry exists for Torrent application.

Any thoughts? This is truly strange.

Windows 7 Pro 64

Torrent 7.2.1


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Guest wangchung1127

I am also having issues with this. I've removed it from startup via msconfig, cc cleaner, and unchecked it in the bittorrent software, yet it still opens on startup. any ideas?

Windows 7 home premium

version 7.2.1

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Guest battleboy

Guys im also facing the same issue. I unchecked the bitorrent client in startup but after every restart it automatically launches after PC start up. Do we need to make changes in registry or what?. Its really annoying. any help will be much appretiated!

I am running win7 64 bit.

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