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File conversion to iPad

Guest Diane

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Guest Diane

Hi, I'm a newbie where Bit Torrent is concerned but because my sister uses it and highly recommended it I thought I'd give it a try. I downloaded my first film yesterday with no problems but wanted to transfer the file to my iPad. My sister suggested upgrading to Bit Torrent + for this as she also uses it. I upgraded and it worked without a hitch but......

Today I downloaded another film, went to convert the file ready to transfer to my iPad and hey presto I got an error message which said that the file couldn't be played on this device and to upgrade to Bit Torrent + so it can be converted to enable the media to be played. Can someone explain why I'm being asked to buy something I bought less than 24 hours ago!!! I have the documents to prove it has already been paid for.

Thanks in advance.

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