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Extremely Slow Torrent Speeds

Doğukan Çil

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I'm experiencing incredibly slower than usual download speeds when using Bittorrent.

All of this seemed to start when i started messing with the bandwidth options.

It's currently like this ;

Global Maximum of Connections : 800

Maximum Number of Connected Peers per torrent : 500

Number of Upload Slots : 40

I tried lowering those numbers as i know it works when using low bandwidth , no luck... didn't help.

net.max_halfopen is 1000

I also tried forcing encryption or simply enabling it without any success regarding download speeds.

It's currently "Forced"

Maximum number of active torrents : 57

Maximum number of active downloads : 57

UPNP and NAT-PMP port mapping are disabled , i forwarded a port from my router and i used a big number it's currently : 17,000 (TCP,UDP)

I even tried to enable port mapping although i forwarded my own , again i failed to achieve higher download speeds.

Transfer Cap is disabled.

Bittorrent is in my firewall exceptions. (Although windows firewall is disabled , my desperate attempts...)

Bittorrent is in my AVG firewall exceptions.

I disabled then uninstalled AVG believing it to be the source of the problem. Nope , it's not.

I even thought of disk caching , maybe the disk somehow gets overloaded and i forwarded my new downloads to my other hard disk which is connected via SATA2 port. (Others were usb)

Still i couldn't make any difference.

I gave a manual cache size of 800 mb/s to see if only Bittorrent thinks it's overloading.

No , it doesn't and My Hard Disk is not throttling my download speeds.

Should you require options from The Advanced Tab , give me the entry and i shall copy one here.

I'm using 50 mbps fiber connection and usually cannot exceed 180 kilobytes per second when downloading.

Also it takes a lot of time to connect to the peers , usually in small-swarmed torrents it only connects to only 4 out of 50 peers.

I choose my torrents well generally seeds/peers ratio does not go below 1.200 so the torrent i mentioned had around 60-70 seeds.

In larger swarms it connects to over 400 seeds and around 200-300 peers and downloading with a speed like 180 kb...

I'm using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

Thanks in advance...

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Your connection settings are VERY bad, even for your connection. Turn down the number of active torrents.

You are trying to open 28,500 connections when you have an 800 connection limit. Simply put, it doesn't work.

Additionally, having 500 connections per torrent will eat a LOT of your internet line's available bandwidth with protocol overhead. Reduce the connections down to 50-70. You don't need more than that to max your line.

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Guest Liam Dull

My torrents dont seem to be downloading anymore.. its at a complete stand still and they dont even start downloading, at the bottom where it says DHT. it says waiting to log in constantly and never changes anymore...

anyone please help

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Disk overload , when simply put ; Insufficient bandwidth on the hard disk.

Something is eating up your hard disk's bandwidth.

Find that process and terminate using Task Manager and Resource Monitor.

If that's not the case and you're completely sure that your hard disk has plenty of free bandwidth , then try assigning a disk cache size manually. (Preferences/Advanced/Disk Cache , click "Override automatic disk caching..." and assign 100 MBs to it.)

This may help.

Good Luck.

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