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Can't conect to nodes DHT, help!

Guest Justin

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Guest Justin

Hello, and thanks for your help!

I just bought a new laptop and I'm having trouble getting bittorent to work properly.

I am using:

BitTorrent 7.6.1

AVG anti virus 2012(paid)

Windows Firewall


Let me first say that I have successfully created exceptions for the program in windows firewall and AVG, and I have not been using peerblock. I have added port forwarding to my router. When I run the bittorrent setup guide tests, both pass. Results are as follows, Upload 4.4Mbit/s Download 6.4Mbit/s. Network results "port is open. Your network is properly configured.

I still see the "DHT Waiting to log in" message. I can load torrents but but they never start downloading and don't connect to any peers. Some times I get a yellow triange i the bottem right that says somehing about "if this doent turn green you may have a problem" However right now there isn't anything in that spot.

Please help.

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