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Uopdates won't install

Leonard Erickson

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I'm running Bittorrent 7.6 (build 26764) under Windows 2000 SP4.

For months, I've been getting notices that an update is available. But regardless of whether I click on "install update" or download the current version and try to run the install file, things end with the same error:

The procedure entry point GetExtendedTcpTable could not be located in the dynamic link library IPHLPAPI.DLL

Since this site *does* still list Windows 2000 as being supported, I'd like to know what's being done to fix the error.

I tried replying to someone who posted about the same error back in May, but the reply was deleted.

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That is no longer the case, provide a reference link so I can pass things along to the maintainer of the site to get it updated.

I'm trying to find it. It doesn't help that there's not a "Hardware & software requirements" link. At least not anywhere obvious.

Also, please pass along to your programmers a novel suggestion. That install routines (including update downloads) should check the OS version *first* and give an appropriate error message *before* doing anything else. This is (or should be) standard "best practices".

In any case, there's still a problem, because you've got another complaint about the same error from back in May, but that person is running Windows XP SP3. Or don't you support *that* anymore either?


Still haven't found the page I found back when updates started failing, but I did find that on http://www.bittorrent.com/downloads the link to "User Manual" is broken.

Ah. Found it.

It's in the user manual.


To sum up. You need to fix the manual. You need to have the system requirements as a *prominent* link on the pages that offer a download. And the software itself needs to check OS versions first thing during install/update and notify the user if they've got a version that it won't run on.

You can (and should) also do that check when someone tries to download the program. But only as a warning. And yes, you *can* check OS version when someone is accessing your web page. Warning only, because they may be downloading on a system other than the one they want to install on.

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